Mayocue and Mayomust - Heinz Introduces Two New Mayonnaise Combinations!

March 6, 2019
Heinz Mayocue and Mayomust

Taylor Higgins - IFC Next

Mayo with ketchup? Mayo with mustard? Mayo with barbeque sauce?

Heinz Ketchup wants to know which combo is going to be your new favorite!

Announced on Tuesday, Heinz has created two new mayonnaise combinations for your liking!

Mayonnaise with mustard (Mayomust) and mayonnaise with barbeque sauce (Mayoque)!


Nearly a year after holding a Twitter poll, Heinz listened to the your needs and are making condiment lovers dreams come true.

The new sauces are expected to be in stores nationwide by April.

We can't wait to try these new sauces!