Melissa McCarthy Snuck Sandwiches Into The Golden Globes

She might not have been a winner, but she is a champion!

January 7, 2019
Melissa McCarthy Golden Globes 2019


Award shows are notorious for funny moments and hungry actors. The Golden Globes was no different, taking place last night Beverly Hills, California, leaving us with lots of funny moments, including all of the social media posts after the show about actors locating fast food. That wasn't the case for Melissa McCarthy.

It has been said that the award shows like to avoid the sound of clinking cutlery on television, so they serve dinner very early in the day, leaving the actors stranded when it comes to locating food during the show, so Melissa McCarthy decided to come to come prepared. While she may not have won an award for her movie "Can You Ever Forgive Me", she was by far the winner of the night for funny moments. Melissa came prepared for the hungry pains and snuck thirty ham sandwiches into the show, keeping everyone around her laughing with full stomachs.

She told Variety, "I've been handing them out to everyone. Next year, I'm bringing hot dogs."


Melissa, you have my vote for Funniest Moment and Most Prepared! Hopefully they send you a Golden Ham Sandwich to add to your award case!