PA Couple Takes Target Engagement Photos!

August 5, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Staff


If you like long romantic walks down the aisles of Target, you're going to love this idea!

An Erie couple are going viral for the engagement photo location.. TARGET!

(Photographer: Erica Whiting Photography | Find her on Instagram: @ericawhitingphoto)

Aaron Damron and Tony DiPasqua figured decided to go against the grain and they’d take their photos at a place they frequent all the time, their local Target store.

In a recent interview to the Huffington Post, the couple said, "After waiting a few years, we knew we wanted something that spoke to us as a couple. We are not outdoorsy people ― you won’t find us on the trail on the weekends. But we very much love to ‘bum around’ our town and go from store to store looking for good deals, especially at Target.”


The couple is set to get married on New Year's Eve.

Needless to say, I think they've come up with a GREAT idea that might start a fun trend!