Pay It Forward By Shopping Local With Cozy Dog Candle Co & Supporting St. Jude!

August 5, 2020
Cozy Dog

Kristen Buccigrossi


2020 has had A LOT of ups and downs, but one things that remains is that we need to continue to keep doing good things of others and "Paying It Forward".

Recently I decided to pay it forward by running another half marathon in support of St. Jude. With that, I wanted to work on fundraising opportunities with local businesses - Cue Cozy Dog Candle Company! Cozy Dog is a local candle company based in Vandergrift that will having your house smelling AMAZING! The owners of Cozy Dog Candle Co, Matt and Amy Crawford, joined me to "Pay It Forward" for St. Jude and why you should be shopping local. 

If you shop at Cozy Dog, 30% of your purchase will go to St. Jude!

Shop local and support St. Jude!

If you know a business that would like to "Pay It Forward", please email