Pets For Vets - Helping Veterans And Shelter Animals

November 11, 2019
Pets For Vets

Kristen Buccigrossi


We love our veterans and we love our pets, so what could be better than putting those two together?

Pets for Vets is an organization that was started to help veterans find an animal companion, as well as help animals get adopted out of the shelters.

Animal Friends on Camp Horne Road is the only shelter in the Pittsburgh area that works with the Pets for Vets organization, training the animal to help veterans that are dealing with PTSD, anxiety or just needing a little extra love in their life that an animal can help with. 

Y'd Awake had the chance to spend some time this Veterans Day with the Pets For Vets Coordinator, Eric Stieglitz, as well as with one of the Pets for Vets Veteran Ambassadors, Sonny Hanlon, talking about the great program.

As extra appreciation for our veterans and active service members, adoption fees are waived as a way of giving thanks for serving our country!

For more information about the Pets For Vets program, you can call Animal Friends at 412-847-7030 or visit the Animal Friends website.

Let's continue to help those who have served/continue to serve our country, as well as clear the shelters!