Pittsburgh Accent Ranked One Of ‘Least Sexy’ In America!

Way to go Yinzers!

May 15, 2019
Pittsburgh Bridge

Kristen Buccigrossi - Sweet Ginger Media


We always love when we see Pittsburgh on a national survery, but maybe not this one..

According to a recent study ran by a travel company across it's 1.5 million social media followers, the Pittsburgh accent came in at 43 out of 50 for LEAST sexy!

WHAT?! Whoever voted us least sexy are jagoffs!


Here is the complete list below from most sexy to least:

1st. Texan

2nd. Bostonian

3rd. New York

4th. Mainer

5th. Chicago

6th. Mississippi

7th. Hawaiian

8th. Philadelphia

9th. St. Louis

10th. Californian

11th. Northwestern

12th. Chicano

13th. Miami

14th. Yooper

15th. Cajun

16th. Midwestern

17th. Alabama

18th. Baltimorese

19th. Virginia Piedmont

20th. Tennesseean

21st. Kansas

22nd. Connecticut

23rd. Cleveland

24th. Oklahoma

25th. New Orleans

26th. Kentucky

27th. Charleston

28th. Western

29th. Milwaukee

30th. New Mexican

31st. Atlanta

32nd. General American

33rd. Hudson Valley

34th. San Francisco

35th. “Hoi Toider”

36th. Ozark

37th. Tallahassee

38th. Providence

39th. Colorado

40th. Appalachian

41st. Pennsylvania Dutch

42nd. Cincinnati

43rd. Pittsburgh

44th. Floridian

45th. Southern Ohioan

46th. California Valley

47th. Alaskan

48th. Minnesotan

49th. New Jersey

50th. Long Islander


The survery was quoted saying about our Yinzer accent, '“Yinz going dahntahn?” The Western Pennsylvania English accent is often considered the ugliest in all of America, so Pittsburgh locals can feel lucky that they’ve escaped last place this time around.'

It's okay. We love your Yinzer accents either way!