Pittsburgh Steelers T.J. Watt And His Brothers Are Going To Host New TV Show 'Ultimate Tag'!

May 14, 2019
TJ Watt

Justin K. Aller


The Watt brothers have been taking over the football field in the recent years and now they're getting ready to take over your TV scene!

Pittsburgh Steeler T.J. Watt and his brothers, Texans' J.J. Steeler's T.J. Watt and Chargers' Derek Watt, will serve as hosts of Ultimate Tag on Fox in 2020.

Excited to announce that my brothers and I will be cohosting the tv show “Ultimate Tag”. Athletes will test their speed, strength, and agility with only one simple rule...Don’t Get Caught! Coming In Early 2020 to FOX. @jjwatt @wattsup34 #UltimateTag

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The series, based on the playground game where you chase each other to determine who's "it".

When a commenter noted that Tag is a game everyone played as a kid, J.J. was quoted saying, "That's the idea! Everyone has played it, everyone knows that panicked feeling of being chased. Now imagine doing it with crazy obstacles, professionals running you down and all on national TV!"

J.J. will also be an executive producer of the show.

The Watt brothers are HILARIOUS together, so this is going to be entertaining to say the least.

It doesn't hurt that they aren't hard on the eyes either (Yes, they're SO on the Yum List!).. Swooning into 2020 waiting for this one!