Prisoners Helping To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus

March 10, 2020
Hand Sanitizer

The Associated Press


Now that we're going through a time when hand sanitizer is at an all time low, New York's inmates are helping to combat the spread of the coronavirus by making it. 

Governor Cuomo has unveiled what he called the state's weapon against despicable price-gougers taking advantage of people's coronavirus fears..

..A new hand sanitizer produced by New York prison inmates.

Governor Cuomo said the "superior product" is not only cheaper than brands made by greedy commercial businesses, but will be readily available to New York governments, the MTA, schools and even the prisons where it's being made.

Apparently it only costs them $6 to make a gallon, plus the governor said it has a "floral bouquet." 

The CDC recommends products with 60% alcohol. Purell contains 70%, but the New York inmate's version contains 75%.

Governor Cuomo said the state will be churning out 100,000 gallons a week and will ramp up production as needed.