Samsung Is Turning Your Refrigerator Into A Dating App

February 6, 2019

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Who meets people organically nowadays - It's all about dating apps!

From Bumble to Tinder, if you're a single millennial in this dating age, you have most likely used a dating app in attempt to meet people (Myself included!), but what if I told you there was a dating app that is based on your fridge habits?

Yup, this is a real life thing. The app is called "Refrigerdating".

Samsung created the free dating app to go along with their Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator that allows you to take a peek into your potential significant other. With the app, you take a photo of the inside of your fridge to share, and you can swipe right or left based on how the contents of someone else's speak to you. 

The catch - You have to buy this special refrigerator to get the app and the refrigerator is $4000. 

The idea behind this is not so much about finding someone that is compatible in the way you snack, but the way your lifestyle.

Whether it's moldy cheese, pizza leftovers, or high class wine, the app could provide a more authentic look at who you are and how you live. And ideally, find you someone that keeps a fridge the same way you do or keeps you away from those monsters that refrigerate their bread. 

Hmm thanks Samsung, but I think I will stick with Bumble.