Tom Brady Fist-Bumped A Ref Before The Big Game And People Are Now Claiming The Game Was Fixed

February 4, 2019
Tom Brady

© Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So I may have missed this last night when I was live-tweeting about my hatred of the Steelers for not being in the big game or re-watching the Budlight Game of Thrones commercial over and over again for any clues about the final season, but did you see Tom Brady fist-bump a referee before the game?! 

Social media is ready to explode about this today and the conspiracy theory has now started once again about Tom Brady and his "bond" with the referees, was the big game fixed?

Like in any NFL game, this play needs to be under review and we need a better camera angle look at this.

Well there is definitely no denying it; That most certainly did happen.

We have seen Brady in the past be super friendly with the referees, so this is not too surprising. Does that mean the game was fixed in the Patriots favor?

I'll let you be the judge on this one, as I patiently sit in the corner for the next five months waiting for Steelers training camp to begin.