Video Game Store Says It's An "Essential Business"

Employees are outraged..

March 21, 2020
Game Stop

Spencer Platt / Staff


When it comes to "essential stores", you think more of grocery stores and gas stations right?

Well according to the company, GameStop, video games are ESSENTIAL, leaving it's employees outraged. 

Some locations are still open in several states that have ordered non-essential retail stores to close, including New York, New Jersey and Georgia.

Starting Friday, the video game retailer began to close stores in California and here in Pennsylvania, but the company still says they are a necessary part of our everyday life. 

The company argues it is "essential" because it offers mice and keyboards that could help people work from home.

GameStop told CNN Business in a statement that "we are one of many providers of these products that are remaining open at this time." 

Some of the outraged employees said in an interview to CNN Business that GameStop is keeping its stores open to profit off of a video game shopping spree during a global pandemic.

According to recent reports, since more people are staying indoors and social distancing, video game sales have risen for retailers and online stores.