The Y'd Awake Morning Show Takes On The 'Old' And 'Young' FaceApp Challenge!

And it's NOT pretty!

July 17, 2019
Y'd Awake Selfie

Kristen Buccigrossi


Someone call the AARP!

A new photo-editing app, FaceApp, is letting people stare into their futures OR their pasts, and not in a good way.

The aging filter adds extra pounds, wrinkles and gray hairs to selfies or could potentially take you back to your youth. It’s hyper-realistic. And, of course, everyone is tempting fate by trying it out and sharing the results.

Not surprising, the Y'd Awake Morning Show wanted to take on the challenge (or I forced Stoney to participate in the fun!).


First off we have to start with Stoney and take him back to his youth!

Stoney Young FaceApp
Kristen Buccigrossi


Ladies back off! HE'S TAKEN!


Next up, Kristen (me!).. I'm afraid...

Kristen Aged FaceApp
Kristen Buccigrossi


I haven't aged well! At least I'm still wearing dog t-shirts!


And finally.. Cowboy!

Curt Aged FaceApp
Kristen Buccigrossi

Of course, he ALWAYS has his Mountain Dew!


You've got to love when people have too much time on their hands and make these crazy apps!

If you're brave enough, take the FaceApp challenge for yourself!