Yinzer Bars Are Being Sold In Pittsburgh For A Good Cause!

You could be doing something good simply by eating chocolate!

October 9, 2019
Yinzer Bar

Kristen Buccigrossi


Looking to do something good today? I've found a good way for you to do and it involves chocolate!

The makers of Yinzers Greeting Cards are branching out and selling new Yinzer Chocolate Bars!

They will be selling three special Pittsburgh chocolate bars that will feature the Pittsburgh skyline, the Chocolate of Champions and The Immaculate Confection.

While Yinzers Greeting Cards normally benefit Animal Friends (LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!), the chocolate bars will tackle a problem plaguing Pittsburgh communities by supporting an organization called Spenser’s Voice Fund.

The organization, Spenser's Voice Fund, was started after Spenser Flowers, a local 20-year-old died of an accidental heroin overdose. Before his death, Spenser had struggled with sobriety and his family wanted to honor Spenser's voice by helping to support organizations and agencies working to curb the drug epidemic in young adults.

The special chocolate bars will be on sale at Pittsburgh-area Giant Eagle locations, Market Districts, Laurie's Hallmark Stores and at the Heinz History Center. 

Keeping it even more local, the chocolate bars are Sarris chocolate and will be $2.99.

Just think, you can be doing something good BY EATING CHOCOLATE!!