You Can Have A Dunkin' Filled Wedding This Weekend

February 5, 2019

© Suchat Pederson, The News Journal

My favorite thing about weddings.. Dessert

I mean yes, two people showing their love for each other is great, seeing all your family and friends is dandy, even getting dressed up and dancing around can be fun, but where it's really at is the wedding cake and for us Pittsburghers, the cookie table! 

So what if I told you that you could add doughnuts to the mix too?!

Las Vegas is making your doughnut and wedding dreams come true, by combining the both of them!

This Saturday, the weekend before Valentine's Day, you can get married in a Dunkin' chapel in Las Vegas, complete with a doughnut bouquet. Couples who get married in the chapel will be surrounded by Dunkin’ decor and “bling,” as well as an officiant with Dunkin’ pink hair.

Booking my ticket to Vegas now! Anyone want to get hitched? I dough-not want to miss this!