Young Kate From This Is Us Sold Girl Scout Cookies At The SAG Awards

January 29, 2019
This Is Us Cast

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Award shows are notorious for hungry celebrities.

They normally feed them early in the day, but after hours of not winning awards and no chance to find food during the show can create a lot of hanger pains.

Well young Kate from This Is Us, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, took advantage of those hanger pains and sold Girl Scout cookies from her table during the SAG Awards Sunday.

Way to take advantage of hungry celebrities and our Girl Scout cookies addiction Mackenzie!

There is no report on how many boxes the 10-year-old sold, but I'm sure the Girl Scout community is proud of her effort. I know I am!

Mackenzie, if you're selling them to us "non-famous" people, I will take ten boxes of Thin Mints please and thanks!