All You Need Is CHEEEEESE For Valentine's Day!

Aldi for the (holiday) win! Again!

January 4, 2019
heart-shaped cheese

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OK. I know I said previously that if bae didn't get you White Cheesecake M&Ms for Valentine's Day, they didn't love you.


FACT: *Heart-shaped cheese > any other heart-shaped thing you get for Valentine's Day*

Aldi for the win! They're selling The Happy Farms Preferred Valentine's Day Cheese Assortment for V-Day 2019!

And in my humble opinion, it's a great gift to get for your other half, or, you know, for yourself! Because self-love!

ANYWAY, according to, it's made of 3 different cheeses: 2 of them heart-shaped, and 1 is covered in that bright red wax that's so pretty you forget you're not supposed to eat it, lolol.

They're available to buy starting January 31st, for only $3.99 a pop!

Do the right thing this Valentine's Day, get the cheese.