NOT A DRILL: ALDI Wine Advent Calendars Now Available Stateside!!!

This is gonna be the best Christmas EVER!

August 16, 2018
Bottles of wine

© Oleg Doroshin


Recently, I keep going back on my own philosophy, about NOT rushing seasons...I keep getting excited about stuff that's coming out for Fall and CHRISTMAS...IN AUGUST! I KNOW!

But this one includes WINE, so I hope you'll give me a free pass.

Remember last year when ALDI said it would be selling WINE Advent Calendars?! And we freaked out like 'YAAAS, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!'

...and then we collectively cried when we found out it WASN'T available in the states?

WELL, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US! The advent calendars have made their way to the states!!!!!

According to, the calendars are 70 bucks a pop, which sounds like a lot, but for 24 days of wine?? I say it's not too shabby!

Plus you get an AWESOME selection! Red, white, rosé, bubbly!! BRING ON THE HOLIDAY CHEER!

ONE CATCH. Because PA ALDIs don't sell booze, we're gonna have to make the road trip to Ohio to get ours. But, WORTH IT.

It's going to be available for purchase starting November 7, which meanssssss I may just have to count down to Thanksgiving, too. lololol

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