FIRST LOOK: Sheldon and Wolowitz's Halloween Costumes on 'The Big Bang Theory'!

These costumes are SPOT. ON!

October 17, 2018
The Big Bang Theory Cast

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I am GEEKIN' AHT for this year's Halloween episode of 'The Big Bang Theory'!!!

They just posted a teaser shot of the episode on Instagram...Sheldon and Wolowitz's costumes are ON. POINT.

We got a Halloween treat for you! Here’s an exclusive first look at the #BigBangTheory Halloween episode... what do you think of Sheldon and Wolowitz’s costumes?!

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YUP! You are looking at Sheldon as Doc from 'Back to the Future' and Wolowitz as SHELDON!!!

Is it me, or does Wolowitz look taller here? OR is it just because he's showing his neck for once??? lolol

EITHER WAY, can't wait for the full episode - which airs NEXT Thursday night, 10/25 at 8pm on CBS!


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