I Was VERY Confused with the Burger King/Andy Warhol Big Game Commercial?

What just happened?

February 4, 2019
Burger King

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Everyone's been saying the same thing: 99% of the Big Game last night was pretty boring, pretty disappointing.

The game itself, the result, the Halftime Show...no good.

One saving grace: the NFL 100 commercial where they recreated the Immaculate Reception!! That was E.P.I.C.

One thing that made me say 'Huh?': The Burger King commercial with Andy Warhol?!!?

Don't get me wrong, I love anything and everything that gives a nod to Pittsburgh and its yinzers, but the way Andy ate his Whopper threw me off?!?!

Starting at around the 0:25 mark, he takes the bun off the Whopper, presumably to put the HEINZ ketchup on it, but then he just puts the ketchup on the side, puts the bun back on, and dips the burger in the ketchup?!?!

And then BK tells us to #EatLikeAndy?!?! I don't think I can oblige, I have too many questions first.

1. Why???

Why did he take the bun off at all?! Was it like me, checking to make sure they didn't put lettuce on it because sometimes they still do even though I ask them not to? Did he change his mind mid-ketchup pour? Was it just to make people ask this question 30+ years later?

The world may never know.  I do know, when it comes to my burgers, I will not #EatLikeAndy.