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Carrie Underwood Spread the Love by Paying for Valentine's Day Dates!

How sweet is she?!?!

February 18, 2019

I really need to move to Nashville???!?!


Between the constant, free pop-up concerts, and now this!!

Carrie Underwood surprised 3 unsuspecting fans in Nashville on their Valentine's Day dates; not only did she pay for their dinners, she gave them tickets to her 'The Cry Pretty 360' Tour!!

I cannot be more excited to have tickets to see Carrie Underwood this fall and to top it off she bought us dinner! #lovewins #nashville #love #happyvalentinesday

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Stumbled across this in facebook! @carrieunderwood you are amazing!! This made my heart so happy! ❤️-- #carrieunderwood #lovewins #cu6 #valentinesday

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Each couple was given two notes, and the first one read:

'SURPRISE! Your dinner has been taken care of this evening. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo, Carrie Underwood #LoveWins'

And the second one, which was accompanied by concert tickets, read:

'Enjoy another date night at Carrie Underwood's The Cry Pretty Tour 360 in Nashville this September 27th! A representative will contact you with further information.'

NOW, I'm just guessing here, but I think 'the further information' is that they'll be MEETING CARRIE!!! ??

Because they already have the tickets in hand, right? Why else would they need to be contacted if they're just going to the show!??! Ya know?!

I hope they post more pics come September!!


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