Chris Hemsworth to Play HULK HOGAN in New Biopic!!!

Chris Hemsworth + Bandanna + Fu Manchu = EVERYTHING.

February 21, 2019
Chris Hemsworth, Hulk Hogan

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I have a lot of feelings about this, ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD.

According to, Chris Hemsworth is about to play HULK HOGAN (!!) in a new biopic about Hogan's life!!!!!


I was never too into wrestling, but Hulk Hogan was LIFE in the 90s!!! L-I-F-E.

Just picture it: Chris Hemsworth with a mullet covered by a bandanna, a fu manchu, SUPER tan and BUFFER THAN USUAL!

That's great right there, amiright?!

But let me tell you somethin, BROTHER, it gets even better! Looks like the guy who directed 'The Hangover' is also directing this AND Bradley Cooper is going to be involved in some way?!?!

I'm so pumped. 

Also, props to Hogan for getting such a good-lookin' actor to play him. That's always the dream, isn't it?

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