Steelers v Browns

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Cleveland Company Selling 'Pittsburgh Started It' T-shirts


November 21, 2019

This, to me, is typical sore winner (usually loser) behavior.

You would never see the Steelers making a shirt like this!

After the brawl between Myles Garrett, Mason Rudolph and pretty much EVERYONE at the Steelers v. Browns game last week, there's been a lot of the blame game being played, but this is by far the WHINIEST (is that a word??) move:

In no way do we condone what Myles did. But after hearing many takes from those who played and the lack of apologies from the Black and Yellow. We must never forget... Pittsburgh Started It! Tag a friend and show your support for a really good guy who made one bad mistake. Available online now! Link in bio!

A post shared by GV Art + Design Apparel (@gvartwork) on

YUP - Cleveland-based company GV Art + Design Apparel made a t-shirt that said 'Pittsburgh Started It'.


Now, to their somewhat credit, they did say in the caption of the post that they in 'no way condone what Myles did...'

BUT CONTINUED IT WITH, 'But after hearing...the lack of apologies from the Black and Yellow, We must never forget, Pittsburgh Started It!'

Classy. How about we just settle this on the field December 1st, shall we?!? 


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