Dan + Shay Tease Headlining Tour!!!

*please come to Pittsburgh* *PLEASEEE COME TO PITTSBURGH!*

October 22, 2018

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SO, Dan + Shay have had kind of a MAJOR year.

They both got married, they won their first ever award at the CMT Awards, 'Tequila' has been the breakthrough song they needed, and now THIS!

They've been teasing us for a good minute about doing a headlining tour, like when they posted this on Twitter last week:

AND IT KEPT COMING when they posted this on Saturday:

And last night they stopped teasing and just FLAT. OUT. SAID IT:


I've been checking all of their social media RELIGIOUSLY today, but haven't seen anything yet. Maybe they don't want to compete with Alabama's tour announcement?

Guaranteed, though, Dan + Shay fans (me!) are gonna go WILD over this!!! So let's get the ball rolling, shall we?!