Bet You've Never Met Someone THIS Famous in a Pizza Shop!

You need this Twitter thread in your life today!

October 12, 2018
Hello I Am Famous

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So, I was minding my business scrolling through Twitter, and I kept seeing this trending story about "someone meeting someone special in a pizzeria" after seeing it for the 8937453th time, I finally decided to click on it!

AND WOW. Best decision EVER?!

WOWOWOW. The whole time I was reading it was like, "Wait, did I miss who this person was that they met?! What is happening?!" I couldn't keep my eyes off the thread! I just kept reading faster and faster because I HAD to know who this person met!!! Was it a celebrity?! Was it the person who would be the love of their life?!?!

When you find out at the end, I promise you, your mind will be BLOWN! It's so wild. I don't even have words. But you will be thankful you read this thread today!!

Read it below!!


Can you even believe it?!?!?! I died when she said "I almost did a royal curtsy" because, SAME. lololol

As soon as I found it was Dolly, I went back and re-read each one of her quotes in her Dolly voice. I suggest you do the same, it adds something to the story lolol.

Anyway, hope this made your day like it made mine! And share your celebrity run-in stories with us on Facebook!

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