Oreos + Donuts?! Dunkin' Nailed This Halloween Treat!


October 4, 2018

© Nickolastock


Man! Dunkin' Donuts changes their name to Dunkin' and all of sudden we get all these PRESENTS!

They're giving us the Dunkin' Coffee Porter, which will be a mix of espresso and craft beer (!!!), read more on that here!

But let's get down to the real business - THE SWEET TREATS!

Dunkin' has just introduced a brand new donut to celebrate the spoooookiest month of the year!

I give you: The Halloween Oreo Donut!

According to Bustle.com, it's a regular Dunkin' donut, filled with vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate icing, Oreo cookie crumbles, and an orange icing drizzleeeeeee...I'm droooooolllliiiinnnngggg!

I mean, seriously, forget the pumpkin spice stuff, THIS is my kind of fall treat!