Here's Your Chance to be in a Hallmark Christmas Movie!!!


January 31, 2019
Hallmark Channel Stars

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Talk about an opportunity of a LIFETIME?!?!

This is NOT a drill!!

Hallmark Channel is currently looking for extras to be in a new HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!!

PICTURE IT: It's next Christmas, you're all snuggled up on the couch with popcorn and hot chocolate, getting ready to see YOURSELF, on screen with Candace Cameron Bure!! Or Lori Laughlin!! LACEY CHABERT!!

Probably not with a speaking part, and probably not RIGHT next to them, but in the same general vicinity AND THAT'S PRETTY COOL!

According to, Synthetic Cinema is holding an open-casting call for background extras in a new "Christmas romantic drama"!! And you don't need ANY acting experience, at all!!


Unfortunately, right now, all the audition spots are filled for this movie.

HOWEVER, you can still make an account and be notified about openings for this and future Hallmark movies!! Click here to do that!

(And click here for specifics on the movie we're talking about!)

Filming will happen in Connecticut for this movie, so if you do manage to get a spot, you'll have to take a few vacation days and travel for it!

BUT HECK, WHY NOT?! I'm gonna sign up! Join me! YOLO!

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