This Halloween's New Trend is PINEAPPLE Jack-O-Lanterns!

You HAVE to see how cute these are!

September 24, 2018

© Rohappy


WOOSH - Fall hit the ground RUNNING, didn't it?! I was freezing my tush off all weekend long!

IN ANY CASE, it's here! And there's a brand new trend for Fall/Halloween that I think we should ALL jump on!


Hear me out! They look suuuuper spoooooky with their spiky green heads, and bodies, too, really! I mean, it might hurt a little to carve 'em out, but all that pain will go away when you make PINA COLADAS WITH THE LEFTOVERS!!!

Plus, they look super cute when they're done! Check out pictures below, and when you make yours, post 'em on our Facebook page!

• Jack----Lanterns • No to pumpkins, yes to piña coladas.--

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This is the only photo I have of last night which means I had way too much fun------✨---- #halloweek2k15 #themorningafter #HBDRocki #princessofpinterest #pineapplecarving #isurvived #cutecutecute #partypics

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There's #christmasinjuly - so what about #halloweeninjuly!! ---- #pineapple #pineapplejackolantern #jackolantern #pumpkin #pumpkinonthebeach #sand #beach #ocean #sunset #halloween

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