It Took Less Than 24 Hours for Philly's 'Gritty' to Get BIG TIME Trolled!

The shaaaaaaaaaade!

September 25, 2018
Gritty - Philadelphia Flyers Mascot

Andrew Porter/Entercom Philadelphia



This has been a horrifying yet hilarious last 24 hours.

Yesterday, we were introduced to the NIGHTMARE that is the Philadelphia Flyers' brand new mascot, GRITTY.

By today, it's safe to say every single person on the Internet has taken their chance at trolling him.


I AM DEAD AND DYING. Just like Bob Barker always said, "Have your pets spayed or neutered!"

Someone else turned Gritty into 'IT':

HONESTLY, I think Gritty gives me more nightmares than the clown!!!!

Another person gave Gritty a pretty fair Hollywood comparison:

AND FINALLY. Gritty FELL on the ice last night for his debut:

And everyyyyyyyone laughed:

Not to mention, NBC Sports up there named their Facebook video of it "LOL". lololol

In conclusion, Gritty is a nightmare and the Internet has confirmed it. Thank you.