Luke Bryan Shaves Beard to MUSTACHE for 12 Days of Prankmas!

He better fix this before 'American Idol' starts!!

December 18, 2018
Luke Bryan

Larry McCormack / The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK


Let the pranks begin!

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline celebrate the days leading up to Christmas with '12 Days of Prankmas' and Luke started off a little too strong for me!

He shaved his beautiful, scruffy beard into a much less appealing MUSTACHE!!!

This fool...he’s been sick...but decided to jump in on the 12 Days of Pranksmas. He got me... #stache #12daysofpranksmas #stillhot

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All I'm saying is, I'm gonna need him to shave that off before we see him weekly on 'American Idol' in March lolol

His wife Caroline got him back pretty good, too! She painted his bar of soap with clear nail polish so it wouldn't work! HAH:

“Does this soap smell ok????” No Luke it doesn’t. It’s been sabotaged. Merry ChristmASS....”you tryin’ to joke on me?!?!” #12daysofpranksmas #sorryiloveyou

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Listening to him try and figure out what's wrong with the soap is PRICELESS!

HUGE props to Luke, though, for using HEINZ KETCHUP in his next prank! Always use the good stuff!

Terd face got me...almost. Luke fakes a bad cut. #12daysofpranksmas #heinzketchup

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I honestly jumped when he screamed as he was faking the cut!!!! A+ acting skills there, Mr. Bryan!

Can't wait to see what other pranks these two cook up before Christmas gets here, but either way, they're definitely #couplegoals!


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