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Luke Bryan's 12 Days of Pranksmas!!!

Get the update on all 12 days of pranks here!

December 13, 2019

----UPDATED 12/20/19----


And they're goodies, too!


...had more farts involved! lolol Caroline Bryan followed her sister-in-law, Ellen, around in a store and made fart noises behind her, so unsuspecting by-standers thought she was fartinggggg hahahaha I can't take it.

Day 6....”Ellen, dammit!” My sister in law. She’s great at spreading #chd awareness and love for Down syndrome, but she’s horrible at pranking! This chick can sing, rap, do a keg stand, Missy Elliot 1, 2 step...but can’t keep a straight face during Pranksmas! Go check out her page and website. Our family truly hopes to change the world of congenital heart disease and celebrate the Down syndrome community. -- @brightforbrett @ellenboyer #12daysofpranksmas #1in100 #theluckyfew

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...was an oldie but a goodie! This prank was popular from last year, so Luke's wife Caroline had to get him with it again! 'Soapy Claus' strikes again!!

Day 7....”Soapy Claus” is back. So many people have told me that the soap prank last year was their favorite. So I did it again and had some friends get their husbands! Poor Luke was quick to catch on! Anyone who wants to try it...all you do is get a fresh bar of soap and coat it with clear nail polish. It won’t lather!

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...had the entire Bryan family worried that the young ones were developing a smoking habit!!! This was good!! 

Day 8.....The fake cigarette! A couple of victims who are terrified of their kids/grandkids developing a smoking habit!! #12daysofpranksmas

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Check back Monday for a prank update from the weekend!!


----UPDATED 12/17/19----

On the 5th day of Pranksmas, Luke Bryan pranked his friend...

.......I'm sorry, I can't figure out a line to go along with the song, so just go with me here.

Luke Bryan had a couple of friends over for dinner and basically said his pet turkey was on the menu!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY, the friends didn't take it well!! lolol

Day 5.... @jimmybutler @meyersleonard come over for an “organic” dinner! *obviously no animals were harmed for this prank. Juanita is our pet!* #12daysofpranksmas

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----UPDATED 12/16/19----

YAAAS! This weekend was FULL of pranks from the Bryan family that did not disappoint!

Let's start from the beginning! 


...was for the public! Luke's wife, Caroline, dressed up as a mannequin in one of Luke's stores and scared unsuspecting customers lolol

Day 2.....”The Mannequin” thanks @lukes32bridge for letting me scare people all day! --We are giving away 10 hoodies...so tag your biggest prankster friend for a chance to win. Drawing names tomorrow!! -- #12daysofpranksmas

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...makes me thankful that you can't smell through Instagram! lolllololol And that's all I'm gonna say about that!  Watch below!

Day 3....”Liquid Ass”. This is the absolute worst smell ever...and I live with 4 boys. PSA: don’t ever, ever spray this in a restaurant. Huge mistake! #12daysofprankmas

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Mama Bryan gets HER chance to do the pranking! And it involves an adult bookstore lolllololol LeClaire has no shame!! She cracks me up!!

Day 4.... @leclaire.bryan is “bored” She pranks a few buddies and ask where an adult store is...her home is still under reconstruction and she tells them her “toys” got swept away in the hurricane! -- #12daysofpranksmas

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Check back tomorrow for another prank update!!

----ORIGINAL POST 12/13/19----

One of the best parts of the holiday season officially started today:


If you're new to the Pranksmas game, Luke Bryan and his family (mainly he and his wife, Caroline) spend the 12 days leading up to Christmas pranking each other! And they let us join in on the fun by posting video of the pranks to social media!

To start off Pranksmas 2019, Luke went after his momma, LeClaire. And he got her GOOOOOOD!

They hired Instafamous Chelcie Lynn to act as a crazed fan who chases and takes down Luke!! With his mom right there!!! His mom tried to block Luke from his "fan", the police did a fake arrest - the whole nine yards!!!

Watch it here:

Here we go...Day 1! “Trashy Tammy Takedown” sorry @leclaire.bryan we had to get you!! Don’t think we’ll ever top this one. Thank you to @chelcielynnn @officerdaniels @blackmike2309 y’all were awesome!! @lukebryan @leclaire.bryan -- @blackmike2309 #12daysofpranksmas

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Their dedication to these pranks is unreal. It's true holiday spirit, ya know??? lololol

Can't wait to see what they have in store for the next 11 days!! Check back for updates on pranks!


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