Marc Summers RETURNING for 'Double Dare' Reboot!

He's going to be 'Mayor of Double Dare'???

May 23, 2018
Double Dare


I saw this on Twitter last night and it was one of those took-12-hours-for-it-to-hit-me kind of things?!

Marc Summers, like, everyone's favorite host of 'Double Dare', Marc Summers?

He sent out THIS tweet:

And immediately I thought to myself, "Awesome! I have no idea who this lady is with Marc Summers, but there's a premiere date for the reboot! I think this is new information!!"

...and then HOURS later, it hit me!

HELLO - MARC SUMMERS WAS TWEETING ABOUT THIS!!! We had no idea whether or not he was coming back as host and THIS proves that he is definitely involved somehow!!!

Through some deep diving into Twitter replies, I learned that the lady in the photo with him is the new host of the reboot, and that Marc WILL be back as something called 'Mayor of Double Dare'!

I have NO idea what that means, but if he's back on the show in ANY way, I'll take it!