I Got to Meet TAYLOR SWIFT and Here's What Happened!!!

I am STILL pinching myself!!!

August 9, 2018
Maria and Taylor Swift at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh


I still can't believe this was/is real life. This was THE luckiest, coolest, most unreal night of my LIFE. And I wouldn't be doing my job right if I didn't share it with Y-O-U!

I got to meet Taylor Swift (!!!) Tuesday night at Heinz Field for her Reputation Stadium Tour, and she was 100% as sweet as she is tall!

Maria and Taylor Swift

HOW PRETTY IS SHE?! I can't deal.

Also, the above photo was right after she told me she loved my bun (!!) and wanted to know how I got it to be so perfectly round. I then rambled on about the "Hot Buns" hair accessory that I bought in the As-Seen-On-TV section of Walmart. AND that I would send her one?!?! FACE. PALM. Where were you guys to stop me from talking?!?! lololol OH WELL, moving on!

Her meet-and-greet room was, of course, covered in s-s-s-snakes and Taylor Swift memorabilia. There was so much happening, I didn't know where to look first!

There was this snake statue that was holding the ceiling up, and it was worthy of alllllll the hissing:

Taylor Swift Backstage - Snakes

Also on display were some of her old stage costumes that are probably worth more than my life:

Taylor Swift Backstage - Clothes

Taylor Swift Backstage - Clothes2

She VERY kindly had drinks for us (which I desperately needed to calm my nerves from meeting her, OBVS)! And even better, they were labeled with lyrics from her songs!

Taylor Swift Backstage - Drinks

She had comfy places for us to sit:

Taylor Swift Backstage - Couch

INCLUDING A THRONE, because she is QUEEN (say hi to my pretty BFFs, our night girl Elista and Kelly from our sister station 100.7 Star!):

Taylor Swift Backstage - Throne

There was even a Polaroid camera there so we could shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Taylor Swift Backstage - Polaroid

AND THEN MAMA SWIFT SHOWED UP!!! And took us on a backstage tour of Taylor's stage! We unfortunately weren't allowed to take photos there, but it was MIND-BLOWING. Here's cutie Mama Swift, though:

Taylor Swift Backstage - Mama Swift

And then of course, we got to see the show! Which I'm sure you know was AMAZING! Here are some of my favorite snapshots:

Taylor Swift Show3

Taylor Swift Show4

Taylor Swift Show2



Taylor Swift Show1

Thanks for letting me share this with you! I hope you enjoyed the ride :)