Netflix is Making Me ANGRY Playing Trailers Between Episodes!

WHY?! We go to Netflix to AVOID this stuff!!?!

August 20, 2018

Juan Moyano



I think it's pretty obvious that this has got to go. I mean, the reason we go to Netflix in the first place is to AVOID this kinda stuff, amiright?!

According to, Netflix is testing out playing trailers for Netflix Original Series in between episodes...every. single. episode.

It's like an annoying little commercial break that feels very unnecesary, in my opinion.

THINK ABOUT IT: you're trying to bingewatch a season or a series, and you're using the 'Skip Intro' button (that Netflix gave us, by the way!) to move through episodes quicker, and now Netflix is trying to slow us back down with these trailers.

NOPE. No thanks!

Give the people what they want, Netflix! It ain't this!


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