NEW Dark Chocolate Oreos Coming Your Way!!

Can you imagine THESE being covered in milk chocolate?! WOOSH!

December 20, 2018



I'm not, and never have been, a huge fan of dark chocolate, but I know there are people who SWEAR by it! So this one's for you!

According to, Oreo is about to release a DARK CHOCOLATE OREO!! And it will be a permanent addition to the Oreo family starting on January 2nd! Just in time to ruin your New Year's resolution on the second day, right? lololol

If you look closely at the packaging, though, it says they're made with REAL COCOA...there's gotta be some health benefits to that, right?? lolol I'M TRYIN' HERE!

Who cares, though, right?! Happy New Year to us! Cheers to more Oreos!!


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