Get Ready to Watch ALL Your Favorite 90s Nickelodeon Shows!!!


August 29, 2018
Melissa Joan Hart

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This is about to get VERY dangerous for my level of productivity at work (SORRY, BOSS)!

According to, Nickelodeon just announced that it's teaming up with streaming service VRV for a channel called 'NickSplat' that will exclusively air ALLLLLLLL of our favorite Nick shows from the 90s!!!

And when I say "ALLLLLLL", I really mean A-L-L!

    From what I can tell in the above teaser video, I'm talking shows like:

    • "Angry Beavers"
    • "AAH! Real Monsters"
    • "Rocko's Modern Life"
    • "DOUG" (!!!!!)
    • "The Wild Thornberrys"
    • "All Grown Up!" (you know, the 'Rugrats' as pre-teens?!!!)
    • "Rocket Power"
    • "CatDog"
    • "Legends of the Hidden Temple"
    • "Double Dare 2000"
    • "Salute Your Shorts"
    • "Chalk Zone"
    • "Guts"
    • "Kenan & Kel"

    ...I don't even think that's all of them?!?! I'm SO pumped!

    And the best part?! You can access this streaming service from your phone, tablet, desktop, etc., which basically means - work will not win this war! LOLZ SORRY NOT SORRY!

    Childhood TV here I come!

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