This Olive Garden Breadstick Bouquet is EVERYTHING You Need this Valentine's Day!

No other gift will do after you see this!

February 11, 2019

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I was scrolling through Facebook this weekend and when I saw this, I showed it to my fiance and said "THIS. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET ME FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!"

He laughed, but I was dead serious. LOOK AT THIS:


Olive Garden is offering BREADSTICK BOUQUETS for Valentine's Day! Which definitely beats all other food (and flower!) bouquets and/or heart shaped treats.

There's just one, slight drawback. According to, you have to put the bouquet together yourself.

But Olive Garden makes it SUPER easy for you!

Just 3 steps!

1. Call and order Olive Garden breadsticks to go

2. Choose and print out one of Olive Garden's pre-made bouquet wrappers.

3. Wrap breadsticks inside and HAND EM OVER!

There you go! You just gave the BEST Valentine's Day gift EVER! Because really, when have carbs NOT made someone happy??

You're welcome!

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