Oreo Is Releasing Its BIGGEST Oreo Yet!!!

I'm talking BIGGER than Double Stuf AND Mega Stuf!!!

October 10, 2018

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OK, don't judge me.

BUT, at least once in my life, I've removed the creme filling from one Double Stuf Oreo and put it in the middle of another to make it ONE MASSIVE OREO. 

C'MON, the creme filling is the best part! You've gotta do everything to maximize your creme to cookie ratio, amiright?!?! You know you've done it!!

And it looks like we may not have to do it anymore!!! Well, as long as this Instagram account, @thejunkfoodaisle, is telling the truth.

According to Delish.com, Oreo is about to release the 'Most Stuf' Oreo and YES, it's bigger than both the Double Stuf AND the Mega Stuf Oreos!!!

Have I died and gone to heaven? YES.

I mean, LOOK AT IT! It looks like there's so much creme in the middle that the Oreo wants to topple over! BRING. IT. ON.

Coming Soon! The MOST STUF Oreo! *actual product photo -- TheJunkFoodAisle.com #thejunkfoodaisle #oreo #oreos #doublestuf #moststuf #cookie #cookies #chocolate #comingsoon #nabisco

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There's no word yet on when they'll hit shelves, but keep your eyes peeled and if you see 'em - LET ME KNOW and I promise to spread the word! K?!

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