Panera Has Created the ULTIMATE Mac n Cheese Fork!

...and it needs a name!

October 15, 2018
macaroni and cheese

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UM, Panera Bread is about to SERIOUSLY change the mac-n-cheese game!

We already know that their mac-n-cheese is BOMB, and now they've figured out a way for us to enjoy every. last. bite!

They've created a MAC-N-CHEESE UTENSIL. Cuz it can be tough deciding between a fork - that grabs the noodles better, and a spoon - that holds the cheese sauce better, ya know?

And no, it's not a spork!! Although, it IS half spoon-half fork. Just, vertically instead:

Do you SEE this genius?! It's got the curve to clean every edge of your bowl/plate, the grooves to collect as much cheese sauce as possible...I'm gonna say it: it's the perfect mac-n-cheese eating device!

They just don't know what to name it?! If you have any ideas, tweet them using #NameThe Utensil!

(And who knows? Maybe they'll give you free mac for life if they pick your name?! WIN!)