The PAT Bus in the Sinkhole is Now a Christmas Ornament!

The perfect addition to any yinzer Christmas tree!

October 31, 2019
PAT Bus in Sinkhole Downtown Pittsburgh

Jake Buls


LEAVE IT TO PITTSBURGH to take the bus that went into a sinkhole and turn it into an ornament for your Christmas tree this and every year!


Pittsburgh-based artist Toby Fraley jumped on the opportunity to commemorate Pittsburgh's newest legend:


The ONLY thing that would make this even better is if there were some way to frame it so that you could switch out meme sayings on it lolol

ANYWAY, you can order it with or without the brass hanging loop, so it can be an ornament OR a desk tchotchke!

The ornament costs $30 and originally was going to ship mid-November, but since going viral in the last 24 hours, the shipping date's been updated to February 2020.

Worth the price AND the wait for a LIFETIME of memories! Order yours here!

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