Yinzers Get Engaged at Steelers Game!

and the Pittsburgh Steeline was there!!!!

October 8, 2018
Steelers Fans

© Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports


The final score of the Steelers v. Falcons game Sunday (41-17, US!!) wasn't the only sweet, sweet victory of the day.

A couple of yinzers got ENGAGED right outside of Heinz Field before the game!!!

And it was seriously the most yinzer thing you could ever witness. BLACK AND GOLD EVERYWHERE!

Not only were both of them in Steelers jerseys, but the Pittsburgh Steeline surrounded them as the guy got down on one knee!!

AND big finish at the end of the video, some random yinzer walks through and celebrates by waving their Terrible Towel. lolol PERFECT.

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