RED ALERT! Wendy's Offering $1 ANY SIZE FRIES!

I'm having Wendy's for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the foreseeable future.

October 22, 2018
french fries

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If you try and stay away from fast food, you should probably go ahead and make this your cheat WEEK.

Wendy's just announced that they're doing $1 ANY SIZE FRIES.

That's right: ANY. SIZE.

Some customers were understandably skeptical:

But it's NO JOKE. It's really happening! For how long? Wendy's has that answer!

Don't take this tweet for granted! Get to Wendy's and BUY ALL THE FRIES. ASAP!

(p.s. When will they do this and 50 cent Frostys at the same time? Just saying Wendy's, THINK ABOUT IT!)


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