Roseanne Barr Spills How Her Character Gets Written Out of 'The Conners'!


September 18, 2018

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SO, we already know that ABC is moving along with the 'Roseanne' reboot, without Roseanne, in a NEW reboot called 'The Conners'.

And now, thanks to Roseanne Barr spilling some tea, we know exactly how her character is getting written OFF the new show.

According to, Roseanne Conner gets killed off by an opioid overdose..............

In the first season of the reboot, Roseanne had a problem with pain killers after her knee surgery, according to, so I guess they're running with that?

The network hasn't confirmed anything either way, but I know curiosity is killin' this cat!

I'll at least be watching episode 1 of 'The Conners' on October 16, will you?