Ryan Shazier has HUGE Moment at Steelers Training Camp!

This guy continues to be a DAILY inspiration!

August 6, 2018
Ryan Shazier

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Ryan Shazier has been SUCH a champ with Steelers training camp the last couple of weeks.

He shows up to practice every day wanting so badly to be out there himself, knowing that he can't be, and I think that would frustrate a lot of people.

BUT STILL, he shows up, he's supportive of his teammates...that takes a lot of character.

And he had a pretty awesome moment himself over the weekend - he walked across the football field with NO assistance! ZERO. NONE. No cane, no one holding him up, JUST. HIM.

This guy just continues to be inspiring EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

We love you, Shazier! We still SHALIEVE!