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EEEEEK! Sam Hunt Reveals Track List for New Album 'SOUTHSIDE'!!

I'm excited (!!!), but also I have questions.

February 28, 2020

Sam Hunt is out of hibernation and all is right in this world, y'all!

He has a new album, 'SOUTHSIDE', out on April 3 and today he released the track list on Instagram!!

SOUTHSIDE available April 3rd. Preorder now at link in bio

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WOO! I'm excited, but also I have a few questions:

1. The first song is just called '2016'. ......that's too vague!?!?!! What happened in 2016 that he had to write a song about it? He got married in 2017, so was this about his engagement? Did something else happen that we don't know about and he's gonna tell us in this song? I NEED MORE INFO.

2. Looks like 'Body Like A Back Road' is on this album, too? Myself and lots of other fans on the post are wondering, what's with the repeat? Is this a remix? Or a typo? Please inform.

3. This isn't really a question so much as it is commentary, but the song 'Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s' is true just because there wasn't Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc. amirighttttt???

ANYWHO, can't wait for this album and more details on these songs!

Let me know how you're feelin' about it in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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