Secret Santa Pays for ALL Layaway Items at Vermont Walmart!

My holiday heart is SO happy!

November 26, 2018

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It's back-to-work on a Monday after a long holiday weekend. If you're Grinch-ing out because you'd rather be at home in your pajamas, fully giving your attention to Cyber Monday deals...I get it.

HOWEVER, this story will definitely put some holiday pep in your step!

According to, an anonymous Santa Claus paid for ALL of the layaway items at a Walmart in Vermont!! ALL OF THEM! Every. Last. One.

He even took care of the people who were standing in line to put things on layaway. CBS News says one lady asked him how he was doing this, and what kind of person could afford this? 

His response was simply, "Santa Claus."

WHAT A GUY. Christmas magic is alive and well, yinz guys!

Happy Monday!


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