We're About to Get a SHARK WEEK Version of 'Naked and Afraid'!!!

Just when you think Shark Week can't get any better!

July 23, 2018

Richard Carey



I would NEVER participate in something like this, but you better believe I'm gonna watch other crazy people do it!

According to Cosmopolitan.com, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shark Week, Discovery Channel is teaming up with 'Naked and Afraid' to bring us 'Naked and Afraid of Sharks'!!!!!!!!


Apparently, they're going to plop 5 former 'Naked and Afraid' contestants on a deserted island, that also just so happens to have the most shark-infested waters of anywhere in the WORLD. And of course, they're going to be naked, without ANYTHING, and they're gonna have to go into the water BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO EAT AND GET FOOD SOMEHOW?!

I'm getting sweaty palms just THINKING about someone doing this?!?!

The best slash worst part?? It's a 2 HOUR SPECIAL! July 29...GET READY FOR NIGHTMARES.