Sheetz Has FREE COFFEE to Get You Through Christmas and the New Year!

Free-ninety-free is my favorite price for ANYTHING!

December 21, 2018



UM, Sheetz knows WHAT'S UP!

First it's the secret menu items they're (fingers crossed) gonna be rolling out in early 2019, and now THIS!

Sheetz will be helping you survive Christmas AND New Year's again this year, with FREE COFFEE!!

Yup, according to a press release, when you go into any Sheetz on Christmas Day from midnight - midnight, and 4pm New Year's Eve to 4pm New Year's Day, that free cup o'joe is YOURS!

It'll cure not only your lack of sleep from the kids waking you up WAY too early on Christmas Day because, presents, but it'll also cure your hangover from NYE!

YAY! You're welcome! Enjoy!