Smirnoff Selling Vodka Bottles That Double as Ornaments!

I'll take two!

November 9, 2018
Christmas ornaments

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NOW THIS is a present I'd like to see under/on/in the general vicinity of my Christmas tree!

SMIRNOFF is selling vodka bottles that double as Christmas ornaments!!

YAAS! As you can see in the photo above, they're shaped just like a little bobble, with a gold lid and sayings like "Mix & Mingle" and "#BESTGIFTEVER" (cuz it is) and "Eat, drink and be merry"!!

And! More good news! According to, it's only $12.99 for each 750 mL bottle! HIGH FIVE! I'll take two!

...and is there any way we can get some filled with wine? Asking for a friend! :)



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