Sour Patch Kids CANDY CORN is a Thing This Halloween


August 14, 2018
candy corn

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My favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids, is combining with the WORST candy known to man, because it's not really candy - it's WAX.

Sour Patch Kids CANDY CORN will be a thing this Halloween :( :(

Listen, I’m gonna review some Halloween candy in August and ya’ll are just gonna sit there and take it. I got these Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn at Dollar General and am pleasantly surprised at how much I like them. Going with only orange & grape was a bold, bold move, but I’m especially in love with the grape. It has a powdery sweetness and tastes like a sour, kickass version of Big League Chew. The orange is less special but good nonetheless. The best part about this candy corn is that is doesn’t taste remotely close to candy corn. Happy Halloween, ya idiots. I dictate your calendars now. --

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I wasn't sure if these were just candy-corn-shaped Sour Patch Kids, because if that were the case, it probably wouldn't be SO bad. 

BUT NO - it says right there on the package "Sour Dusted Candy Corn"...BLEH.

According to JunkBanter's Instagram, they come in two flavors - Orange and Grape - and they're saying the grape is worth tasting because it tastes like sour Big League Chew.

I DUNNO - if I got this stuff handed to me trick-or-treating, I would do the most to trade it at the end of the night lololol

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