Where is AB? On 'The Masked Singer', Apparently.

...as a HIPPO!

January 3, 2019
Antonio Brown

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I was really excited for this show, and I hate that it feels a liiiiiiiittle bit sour after how things have been this week.

'The Masked Singer' premiered on FOX last night; it's an all-new singing competition! Celebrities dress up, totally unrecognizable, and they sing covers of songs, and the panel of judges (Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke) has to guess who it is, just by listening to their voice!

Sounds easier than it actually is.

ANYWAY, the first contestant was revealed last night, and it was (drum roll, please!)


ALL DRESSED UP AS A HIPPO. Honestly, I don't think a single yinzer was ready for that.

And they certainly weren't ready for his song choice! Although this episode was taped a while ago, it was pretty fitting for right now that AB sang 'My Prerogative' by Bobby Brown lololol couldn't write this stuff, ya know?!

Hopefully there aren't many more surprises like this with the rest of the contestants, my little yinzer heart can't take it!

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